A Children’s Crèche

  • We offer a practical solution to many parents dilemma where they want their children cared for whilst they shop, but do not want to spend time in an amusement centre.
  • In a crèche the children and parents are happy for this to happen in the sound knowledge that the “trip to an amusement centre” is for all the family.
  • The Crèche allows for ALL OF THIS and more, there are no hidden charges There is a fixed charge.
  • There are many activities for the children, not just the play structure but “action” features to “let off steam”. Quiet areas for constructive activities, we also include an area for the “tots” to play away from these active areas.
  • We “target” only the 2-7 year old children. We ensure the area is meticulously cleaned every morning and our staff ensure that at all times the Stay and Play experience is enjoyed by all the children that visit.

As part of the operating requirement, we obtain the necessary permit from DED and NOC from the Municipality Health and Safety Department, which in turn requires an annual independent third party inspection by a specialist company that we operate is of the required standard in line with European safety standards.